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 Voiture Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 2001 Ford Fiesta 2 Ford Fiesta 1998 Ford Fiesta 16vFord Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Ecoflex Ford Fiesta S 2006 Ford Fiesta 1988 Dimensions Ford FiestaFord Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 1988 Ford Fiesta Studio Ford Fiesta Dimension Ford Fiesta Trend 2011Ford Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 1987 Ford Fiesta 1989 Ford Fiesta S 2006 Ford Fiesta TitanumFord Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Tunisie Ford Fiesta Powershift Ford Fiesta Trend 2011 Ford Fiesta 1980Ford Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 1994 Leasing Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 1988 Ford Fiesta ViFord Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Future Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 1995 Ford Fiesta Titanum Ford Fiesta GpsFord Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Trend Ford Fiesta Sport Ford Fiesta 2000 Ford Fiesta 2009Ford Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 2009 Diesel Ford Fiesta Break Ford Fiesta 2009 Ford Fiesta 2001Ford Fiesta:Voiture Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Iv Ford Fiesta 1977 Ford Fiesta 1980 Ford Fiesta 140

Mollie Slater Ford Fiesta, 2017-08-04 21:54:37. Additional testing during and after production further enhances quality. A new manufacturing technology analyses the noise frequencies produced during the stamping process, and can identify a component that does not meet quality standards before it leaves the press. "We’ve paid a lot of attention to elements and features that customers notice without realising it, from panel gaps to pedal feel," Palmer said. "Fiesta is one of the most universal sights on the road, and our goal was to deliver a car that would inspire an admiring glance every time."

 1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom

Ford Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom 1980 Bmw 325i 1980 Bmw 325i Convertible 1980 Bmw 323i 1983 Bmw For Sale 1987 Bmw 325 ValueFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom Ford Escort Mk4 Ford Fiesta 1.3 Ghia Mk1 Ford Escape Fiesta Mark 95 Ford FiestaFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom Ford Fiesta 1.3 2012 Ford Fiesta 91 Ford Fiesta Fiesta Mk3 Si Ford Classic Vs Ford FiestaFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom 1988 Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta 1.3 Beige Ford Fiesta Fiesta Rs Turbo 1992 Ford Fiesta For SaleFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom Fiesta Mk5 Ford Fiesta 1.1 Ford Escort Cosworth Ford Fiesta 1.2 Fiesta Mk3Ford Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom 1987 Bmw 325e 1980 Bmw Convertible For Sale 1980 3 Series 1987 Bmw 325 For Sale 1987 Bmw 325i ConvertibleFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom 1990 750il 1995 Bmw 740i Parts 1997 Bmw 740 For Sale 1997 Bmw 740i Parts 1994 Bmw 740i SpecsFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom 1997 Bmw 740i For Sale 1990 Bmw 750il Parts 1997 Bmw 740i Specs 1992 Bmw 7 Series 1990 750ilFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom 1992 Bmw 525i Specs 1993 Bmw 750il For Sale 1997 Bmw 740i Parts 1990 Bmw 735i 1994 Bmw 740i PartsFord Fiesta:1992 Ford Fiesta Mk3 Xr2I United Kingdom 1986 Bmw 325i 1979 Bmw 320i For Sale 1980 Bmw 325i Convertible 1984 Bmw 325 1983 Bmw Parts

Eve Fitzgerald Ford Fiesta, 2017-11-04 19:54:24. Flush, seamless surfaces continue through the interior. A one-piece centre console connects discreetly to the lower instrument panel for a more harmonious feel, and there are no visible fixings to the floor. The industry’s highest quality coatings feature, even for complex three-dimensional surfaces. Seat materials and carpets across the Fiesta range were the first to be tested in Ford‘s upgraded materials laboratory in Dunton, U.K. Seat bolsters undergo 60,000 test cycles to ensure wear-resistance. The robustness of colours is tested using a weatherometer, and analysed with a spectrometer to make sure they don‘t fade after extensive exposure to ultraviolet light. Leather seats must resist ground-in coffee and the dye from denim jeans. Leather steering wheels are tested for resistance to sunscreen lotion.

 Ford Fiesta Mk6

Ford Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ford Fiesta Mk6 Aftermarket Parts Ford Fiesta Mk6 Review Fiesta Mk2 Ford Fiesta CarFord Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Fiesta Mark Vi Ford Fiesta Mk6 Tuning Parts Ford Fiesta 1991 Ford Fiesta MkviFord Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ford Fiesta Automat Ford Fiesta Morello Ford Fiesta 2001 Mark 6 FiestaFord Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ford Mondeo Mk1 Ford Fiesta W Reg Ford Fiesta Mk6 Upgrades Ford Fiesta Mk6 GhiaFord Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ford Fiesta History Ford Fiesta Specs Ford Fiesta Mk6 2007 Ford Fiesta Mk6 SparesFord Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ford Fiesta Mark 6 Zetec S 2008 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Ford Fiesta Mk2 Ford Fiesta DFord Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ford Fiesta Engine Ford Fiesta Zetec Tdci Ford Fiesta Front Grill Mk6 Ford Fiesta Mk6 2003Ford Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Fiesta St Ford Fiesta Petrol Ford Fiesta Titanium Mk7 Ford RangerFord Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ford Fiesta Mk7 Rs White Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mk6 Mondeo Mk6Ford Fiesta:Ford Fiesta Mk6 Purple Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta Polska Ford Fiesta 1.4 Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Caitlin Duncan Ford Fiesta, 2017-08-27 21:32:48. The next generation Ford Fiesta ST will offer more personalisation options than ever before. Customers will be able to choose from a range of trim elements for the gear lever, steering wheel, door pulls and decorative dashboard spear, and select from distinctive styling packs. The ergonomic Fiesta ST interior will feature supportive Recaro seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. Exterior colour options will include new Liquid Blue and the Ford Fiesta ST will feature exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels. "Our ST models are designed to make a Ford Performance driving experience accessible to customers regardless of lifestyle," said Matthias Tonn, Fiesta ST chief programme engineer. "With three- and five-door bodystyles and distinctive styling options that complement the model‘s performance characteristics available from day-one, the next generation Ford Fiesta ST will deliver a broader appeal for an even wider range of car-buyers."

 Bmw Bug

BMW:Bmw Bug Red Beetle For Sale Buy New Beetle 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Black Beetle CarBMW:Bmw Bug Beetle Convertible Red Volkswagen Vw Bug Value Used Vw BeetleBMW:Bmw Bug Vw Beetle Interior Volkswagen Kafer Volkswagen Beetle 2011 Price Beetle For SaleBMW:Bmw Bug A Bug Car Vw Volkswagen Beetle For Sale Volkswagen Beetle New Model Price Beetle Car InteriorBMW:Bmw Bug Volkswagen Yellow Beetle Price Volkswagen Beetle Latest Volkswagen Beetle Cost Black Beetle Car For SaleBMW:Bmw Bug Red Vw Beetle Beetle Convertible Price Vs Beetle Bmw 380BMW:Bmw Bug New Beetle Turbo Vw Bug Convertible For Sale Beetles For Sale Near Me Volkswagen KaferBMW:Bmw Bug Bugs Car Vw Bug Price Range Blue Vw Beetle Vw Beetle SportBMW:Bmw Bug New Volkswagen Beetle Black Volkswagen Bug Yellow Volkswagen New Beetle Car PriceBMW:Bmw Bug Volkswagen Beetle Turbo For Sale Automatic Beetle For Sale Vw Bug Turbo For Sale Volkswagen Beetle New Version

Eve Fitzgerald BMW, 2017-10-14 15:16:07. BMW i is blazing a trail when it comes to shaping the future of sustainable personal mobility. Its integrated concept focuses on responsible use of resources and incorporates material selection and innovative mobility services alongside locally emission-free driving. The BMW i3 is just as serious about the fun of driving, turning even a trip around town into an electrifying experience. The inspirational design of the BMW i3 expresses a new style, while the instantaneous power from the drive system provides an inspiring showcase for the dawn of a new era in mobility. This car’s architecture was designed from the ground up with electric mobility in mind. And its BMW eDrive technology boasts power delivery and efficiency unrivalled by any other manufacturer. All of which makes the BMW i3 a proposition as forward-looking as it is attractive. Combining the latest technological innovations with an evolutionary development of the car‘s design and the expansion of the model range has provided additional impetus for BMW‘s now familiar take on premium electric mobility. The character profiles of the new BMW i3 and new BMW i3s are focused more keenly than ever on driving pleasure, which gives them all the ingredients required to strengthen their leading position and write the next chapter in the BMW i success story.

 Bmw Csi

BMW:Bmw Csi 1983 Bmw 635csi Bmw M1 1970 Bmw 320i Bmw 318 1978BMW:Bmw Csi Bmw 320 Sl Bmw 318 Cabrio Bmw 2000 Coupe Bmw 2800csBMW:Bmw Csi Bmw E9 Bmw 3.0 Csl E9 For Sale Bmw E24 635 Csi Bmw 320 Touring Csi Mercedes BenzBMW:Bmw Csi Bmw 745 Bmw 3.0 Cs For Sale 2002 Bmw 320i Bmw R65BMW:Bmw Csi Bmw 750 Bmw E30 Csl Bmw Coupe 1975 Bmw E30 2002BMW:Bmw Csi Bmw E30 Bmw Motor Bmw 3 Litre Csl Bmw 318iBMW:Bmw Csi Bmw 525 Bmw 520i Bmw M635csi Bmw Csi Parts Bmw 2002 CsiBMW:Bmw Csi Bmw 2800 Csi Bmw E12 Bmw E9 3.0 Bmw 635csi Specs Bmw M6 CslBMW:Bmw Csi Bmw 318 Is Bmw Coupes History Bmw 635 E24 Bmw 2002 Turbo Bmw 3000 Cs For SaleBMW:Bmw Csi Bmw M5 Bmw 2002 E9 3.5 Csi Bmw 520i Bmw 318 1978

Eleanor Norton BMW, 2017-10-14 15:16:07. On the NEDC cycle, the new BMW i3 with range extender returns combined consumption figures per 100 kilometres of 11.9 to 11.5 kWh of electric power and 0.6 litres of fuel (fuel consumption of 470.8 mpg imp; CO2 emissions: 14 -13 g/km). On the same combined NEDC cycle, the new BMW i3s with range extender consumes 12.5 kWh of electric power per 100 kilometres and 0.7 litres of fuel (fuel consumption of 403.5 mpg imp; CO2 emissions: 14 g/km). The driver assistance systems available for the new BMW i3 and BMW i3s ease the driver‘s workload and provide support in various traffic situations, as well as helping with longitudinal and lateral vehicle control. The optional Parking Assistance package includes Park Distance Control, a reversing camera and the Parking Assistant. Once a suitable parking space parallel to the road has been selected, the Parking Assistant takes control of acceleration, braking, gear selection and steering.

 Gran Turismo Bmw

BMW:Gran Turismo Bmw Bmw Gt Interior India Bmw Gt Facelift Bmw 5 Gt 2017 3 Series Gt Review Bmw 3 Series Gt For Sale UkBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw Bmw 335i Gt M Sport Price Bmw Gt M Sport Bmw Gt Series Price In India Bmw Gt Facelift Bmw 3 Series Gt BlackBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw 335i Gt Bmw 3 Series Gt M Sport Black Bmw Gt Specs Bmw Gt320BMW:Gran Turismo Bmw Bmw 5 Gt Review Bmw Gran Torino Bmw 550i Gran Turismo Bmw 535i Gt SpecsBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw 2015 Bmw 328i Xdrive Gran Turismo Review Bmw 335xi Gt Bmw Gt 530d 2010 2011 Bmw 5 GtBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw Bmw 3 Gt Facelift Bmw 550i Gt Gran Turismo Bmw 3 Series Gran Turismo Price Gt5 BmwBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw Bmw Gt Price In India 2016 328i Gt Specs Bmw 535xi Gt Bmw Gt3 Bmw Gt SeriesBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw 5 Series Gt Price 2014 Bmw 3 Series Gran Turismo Bmw 3 Gt Specs Bmw Gt Price In India 2016 Bmw 3 Series Gt Luxury LineBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw Bmw 3 Series Gt Black Bmw Gt Images Bmw Gran Tourer Bmw 330 Gt For Sale Bmw 335i Gt ReviewBMW:Gran Turismo Bmw Bmw Gt 330 Bmw Gt 540 Bmw 535 Gt Review 330i Gt Bmw Turismo 5 Series

Eve Fitzgerald BMW, 2017-10-14 15:16:07. The further expanded BMW i ConnectedDrive offering - unmatched by any rival - ensures intelligent connectivity through services specially tailored to electric mobility. The digital On-Street Parking Information search service, now available for the first time in the BMW i3, can also be used alongside the Real Time Traffic Information system if the Navigation system Professional is specified. Public charging stations and information about their availability can also be displayed on the navigation system’s map. When route guidance is activated, data about the route is also used to calculate the range shown in the instrument cluster as accurately as possible. The range map provides a visual representation of the current operating radius. It is also possible to display the different ranges achievable in each of the Driving Experience Control modes. BMW i-specific navigation features also include intermodal route guidance. This helps users to quickly and efficiently reach their destination by factoring in local public transport timetables and connections. Regular, automatic updates of the navigation data are now also provided "over the air" in the BMW i3, using a mobile network connection.

 Bmw Grand Coupe

BMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Bmw 420 Review 2016 Bmw 4 Series Coupe Bmw 4 Series Luxury 4 BmwBMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Grand Coupe 4 435i Gran Coupe Review Bmw Gran Coupe 6 Bmw Coupe 2016BMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Bmw 320d Gran Coupe Bmw 4 Series Coupe Black Bmw 430d Gran Coupe Xdrive 2016 Bmw 435i Xdrive Gran CoupeBMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Bmw 435i Gran Coupe Specs Bmw 4 Series Four Door 435i M Sport Gran Coupe 4 Gran Coupe BmwBMW:Bmw Grand Coupe 4 Door Bmw Cars Bmw 420 Gt Bmw 428i Gran Coupe M Sport Price Bmw 418i 2016BMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Bmw 4 Door Hatchback 440i Gran Coupe M Sport Bmw 4 Bmw 430 I CoupeBMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Bmw 3 Series Gran Coupe Review Bmw 430d M Sport Gran Coupe Grande Coupe 430i Gran CoupeBMW:Bmw Grand Coupe 2016 Bmw 435i Gran Coupe Review 430i Gran Coupe Review 2016 Bmw 420i Gran Coupe Bmw 4 Series Gran CoupeBMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Bmw 435i Xdrive Gran Coupe M Sport 2017 Bmw 4 Series 428i 4 Door Bmw 430i Gran Coupe SpecsBMW:Bmw Grand Coupe Bmw 420 Price Bmw 420d Gran Coupe M Sport Auto Bmw Coupe Sedan Bmw 4 Series Gran Coupe Se

Shannon Griffin BMW, 2017-10-14 15:16:07. The all-new BMW X3 line-up from launch consists of BMW TwinPower Turbo technology 2.0-liter 4-cylinder inline gasoline engine with Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing and Valvetronic fully variable intake lift, a map-controlled oil pump, electric arc wire-sprayed cylinder barrels, Twin-scroll exhaust turbocharger and electrically adjustable waste gate valve. The latest M Performance model, the BMW X3 M40i comes with a 3.0-liter M Performance TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder inline gasoline engine. The intake manifold integrated indirect charge air intercooler allows for a lower charge air volume between the compressor and intake valves, noticeably improving engine response. This translates to shorter air routing, faster boost pressure build-up, and throttle response. Both engines come from the latest generation of BMW engines. Improvements have also been made to both the 8-speed Steptronic Sport automatic transmission with shift paddles and the BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system to increase efficiency.

 Bmw Z4 2017

BMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw Z4 Sports Car Bmw Z4 M Sport Brand New Bmw Z4 New Bmw Z5 2017BMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw 2017 Z5 Honda Z4 Bmw Z4 28i Price Bmw Z CarsBMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw Z4 2016 Price Uk Z4 Hardtop Best Price Bmw Z4 2017 Z4 PriceBMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw Z5 Roadster Price Z4 Cost Bmw Z Coupe Bmw Z4 Convertible Bmw 128i 2017BMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw Z Range Roadster Bmw Z4 Bmw Z Series Convertible Bmw Z Drive Bmw Z4 M Sport ReviewBMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw Z5 Coupe Bmw Z4 Blue Batmobile Bmw Z4 Bmw Z4 20i 2012 Review Bmw Z4 Edition SportBMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw Z4 2.5 V6 Bmw Z4 Coupe Red 2014 Bmw Z4 28i Roadster Price Bmw Z4 Sdrive28i Roadster M SportBMW:Bmw Z4 2017 New Bmw Roadster Blue Z4 Bmw Bmw Z Coupe Z4 2014 PriceBMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Z4 2017 3.0 Z4 Bmw Za Bmw 328xi 2017 2016 Bmw Z4 RoadsterBMW:Bmw Z4 2017 Bmw Z4 M Series Roadster Bmw Z4 Bmw Z4 Engine My Bmw Z4

Eleanor Norton BMW, 2017-10-14 15:16:06. The interior of the all-new BMW X3 follows BMW tradition with its driver-focused and ergonomically optimized cockpit layout and carries over many aspects of the car’s exterior design. For instance, hexagonal forms and precise, sloping edges also play a central role in the interior. The interior as a whole displays exceptional material quality, fit, and finish, with carefully thought ergonomics. One example here is the storage concept, which offers more storage space than ever before and ensures it is easier to access. The all-new BMW X3 comes standard with several new, comfort enhancing features not offered on its predecessor. These include 3-zone automatic climate control, which adds separate temperature controls for the rear compartment to those for the driver and front passenger. To enhance rear compartment comfort, the angle of the standard 40:20:40 split/folding rear seat backrests can be adjusted individually and through various stages thanks to the standard cargo function. This feature also allows the backrests to be released remotely from the load compartment, which expands the standard load capacity of 28.7 ft3 to 62.7 ft3. Newly available convenient functions include front ventilated seats for driver and front passenger to maximize comfort on warm days. Customers can also give the interior a roomier feel with the 9.8-inch longer panoramic glass moonroof.

 Bmw X3 Length
BMW:Bmw X3 Length 2016 Bmw X3 Weight Bmw X3 Compact Suv 2010 Bmw X3 Specs X3 35i Bmw X3 35i MBMW:Bmw X3 Length Bmw X3 Luggage Space Bmw X3 2016 Price Canada Bmw X3 Crossover 2008 Bmw X3 SpecsBMW:Bmw X3 Length Bmw X3 Price List Bmw X3 M Sport Xdrive Bmw X3 Rear Bmw 3.0 X3BMW:Bmw X3 Length 2017 Bmw X3 Bmw X3 Length 2016 Bmw X3 Technical Specifications Bmw X3 4x4 Bmw X3 Tire SizeBMW:Bmw X3 Length 2015 Bmw X3 Review Bmw X3 Sport 2016 Bmw Suv X3 2016 Bmw X3 CommentsBMW:Bmw X3 Length How Much For Bmw X3 Bmw X3 Dimensions 2016 Bmw X3 Tdi Bmw X3 Price RangeBMW:Bmw X3 Length X3 Bmw X3 Bmw X3 Diesel Sport Bmw F25 X3 Xdrive 2.0 Diesel Bmw X3 Sport Package Bmw 3 X3BMW:Bmw X3 Length Bmw X3 2.0 Diesel Automatic Bmw Xw Bmw X3 Xdrive28i Specs Bmw X3 HeightBMW:Bmw X3 Length Price For New Bmw X3 Bmw X 3 M Sport Bmw X28i 2016 X3 Suv Bmw X3 M Sport XdriveBMW:Bmw X3 Length Bmw X3 Tyre Size A Bmw X3 Bmw X28i 2016 Bmw X3 I28

Shannon Griffin BMW, 2017-10-14 15:16:08. A package of new services were introduced in July 2017 under the BMW Connected+ banner which enable a highly personalised and more straightforward display of information inside the car. All of the digital services related to BMW Connected and BMW Connected+ will be available in the BMW i3 and BMW i3s. These span intelligent route planning, including stop-offs at charging stations or petrol stations (Send my Routes to Car), sharing of the car’s current location via SMS and live link (Share Live Trip Status), personalised display of relevant in-car information (BMW Onboard), seamless transfer of route instructions to the customer’s smartphone or smartwatch once the car is parked (Navigate Door-to-Door) and direct syncing of contacts and addresses to the navigation system (My Destinations).

 Bmw Z9
BMW:Bmw Z9 2000 Bmw Bmw X5 2006 Bmw 318i Bmw ModelsBMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw 6 Series Bmw Photos Bmw Z3 M Bmw X5 For Sale Bmw Z7BMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw 840 Bmw Schnitzer Bmw Emblem Bmw 507BMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw Pictures Bmw Sports Car 1997 Bmw M3 Bmw M3 Coupe Bmw M5 VideoBMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw 7er Bmw X5 Tuning Bmw Racing 2003 Bmw M5BMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw Used Cars Bmw E34 Bmw Z3 Turbo Bmw MotorradBMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw 525 2003 Bmw Z8 Bmw 1 Series Bmw 120BMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw 335 Bmw 8 Series Bmw Store Bmw 520 M3BMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw V12 Bmw X6 Bmw 325xi Bmw 2003BMW:Bmw Z9 Bmw Logo Bmw Financial Services Bmw 745i Bmw Convertible Bmw E34

Niamh Hart BMW, 2017-10-14 15:16:06. The thoughtful evolution of the exterior design not only helps to bring the sporting credentials of the new BMW i3 more to the fore, but highlights its sophisticated elegance too. The front bumper is completely painted in the body colour and has a black U-shaped surround that reinforces the car‘s presence when viewed from the front. Moving round to the rear end, the powerfully moulded contours and the contrast in colour between the black surround and the body-coloured inlay again create an energetic and expressive appearance. The new silver-coloured roof line accent for the new BMW i3 adds a further touch of elegance and dynamism. It widens towards the rear, thereby accentuating the stream flow, as the distinctive outline of the side windows is known.

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